Millennium Seoul Hilton: 9 November, 6pm

Lotte Department Store: Yeongdeungpo Culture Hall – 10 November, 2pm

Lotte Department Store: Bucheon Jungdong Culture Hall – 13 November, 2pm

Entry: Free


Busan Cinema Center: Haneulyeon Hall – 11 November, 7pm

Entry: Free


Nami Island: 14 & 15 November

Eco Stage: 11.30am & 2.30pm

Entry: Ticketed (One time payment at the gate)

Drums of India is an ensemble of percussion instruments including the Tabla and Pakhawaj of North India; the Mridangam, Chenda, Maddalam, Edakka and Talam of South India; the Mardala, Dhol and Nagada of Eastern India; and the Pung and Dhol from North-eastern India. The rhythm and expression of these instruments and their varying pace will be showcased in an enthralling performance.