2 fun filled days of performances & activities for the whole family to enjoy together! All this and more will be on showcase at the beautiful Nami Island on 14 & 15 November, 11am – 4pm!

Entry: Ticketed (one time payment at the gate)

  • Puppet Shows : Simple Dreams
  • Storytelling: Stories from India
  • Music: Rajasthan Josh & Drums of India
  • Kathak Dance Performance
  • Puppet Making Workshops
  • Yoga Workshops
  • Bollywood Dance Workshops

SIMPLE DREAMS – Ishara Puppet Theatre Trust

Duration: 50 minutes

Age group: 6 years & above

Language: visual show without any words

Director: Dadi Pudumjee

Combining the essences of puppetry and imagination, Simple Dreams is an interplay of music and dance in which performers animate simple objects such as sticks and umbrellas to create vivid images of birds, fish, animals.Dadi Pudumjee is India’s foremost puppeteer, the founder of The Ishara Puppet Theatre Trust and currently the President of UNIMA International (the international puppetry association). In 2011, the President of India awarded him the Padmashree, India’s third highest civilian award.


Dheerendra Tiwari is a senior dancer at the Drishtikon Dance Foundation –Aditi Mangaldas Dance Company, which has one of the best Kathak dance repertories in India. He has performed extensively at prestigious festivals in India & abroad.

STORYTELLING: Stories from India by Anjali Singh

Language: Korean

Anjali is currently a PhD. student at Seoul National University, majoring in Korean Language Education. She regularly teaches Indian Culture and History as well as Korean History to Korean students.


Bollywood Dance workshops communicate the energy and fun that imbibes Indian cinema. Gilles will conduct fun filled workshops for audiences of all ages and interest levels Gilles Chuyen has been trained in France in folk, Modern Jazz, Ballet and contemporary dance styles.He has been working and training in Indian dance forms since 1994. He has been teaching Bollywood dance style extensively in India and across the world.

YOGA WORKSHOP by Dr. Abhijit Ghosh

Explore the age old practice of Yoga & Meditation and their relevance in today’s world providing limitless physical & spiritual benefits.Dr. Abhijit Ghosh is the Founder President of Vivekananda Yoga Research Institute (VYAM), Kolkata, India. A highly qualified yoga practitioner, he has conducted numerous workshops in India & Korea. Since 2006 Abhijit has been Assistant Professor at Dong Seoul University, Department of Silver welfare Seongnam city, South Korea.


The fun & interactive workshop will teach children how to make puppets.

Festival of India in Naminara (Nov 14,15)

Eco Stage Free Stage Magic Hall Children’s Library(1F) Children’s Library(2F) Nambc Naminaru (Nami Wharf)
11:00 Doodle Wall Bollywood Workshop Reception Parade
11:30 Drums of India (Music) Puppet Making Workshop
12:00 Simple Dreams (Puppet Show) Storytelling
12:30 Kathak Dance Puppet making workshop
13:00 Rajasthan Josh Yoga
13:30 Bollywood Workshop
14:00 Storytelling Yoga Reception Parade
14:30 Drums of India Puppet making workshop
15:00 Rajasthan Josh Kathak Dance Simple Dreams (Puppet Show)
15:30 Puppet making workshop